Road rage thug jailed for attack on off-duty police officer

A ROAD rage thug who left an off-duty cop with multiple fractures after viciously attacking the officer after a minor road smash outside a police station has been jailed.

Peter Smith assaulted Michael Wynn following a shunt on Dundee’s West Marketgait – in front of the Police Scotland Tayside Division HQ – on August 14.

The thug later claimed he had attacked because PC Wynn had “smirked” at him after the officer unintentionally ran into the back of the motor being driven by Smith’s pregnant girlfriend – then said he “looked like a junkie”.

Smith flipped after PC Wynn followed Smith’s partner Holly Matthew through a traffic light and into a contraflow before running in to the back of her as she came in to traffic.

Smith was a passenger in the motor and got out to assess the damage alongside PC Wynn.

The cop asked if everyone in the car was OK – only for Smith to react “aggressively”.

Miss Matthew then got out and told him to calm down – but that prompted Smith to swing a “powerful” punch into the side of PC Wynn’s face.

Fiscal depute John Adams told Dundee Sheriff Court that witnesses were left “shocked” by the attack.

He said: “Police attended but Miss Matthew and the accused had left the scene.

“She was traced around 5.20pm and gave the accused’s details only as Peter.

“He was traced at 11.30pm and was heavily intoxicated.

“While waiting at the police station he said ‘he smirked at me so what could I do. He looked like a junkie’.

“The complainer was taken for x-rays and it was found he had a fractured cheekbone, fractured lower eye socket, and multiple fractures to the jaw on the left side of his face.”

Smith, 31, a prisoner at HMP Perth, pleaded guilty on indictment to a charge of assault to severe injury.

Defence solicitor Anika Jethwa said: “The concern for him at the time was the potential of harm to his partner.

“There is no justification for it.

“He accepts he should not have punched this man.

“He was upset and worried about his partner.”

Sheriff George Way jailed Smith for 17 months.

He said: “The victim impact statement makes it very clear that the effect on the complainer has been very serious.

“The accused has previous convictions for using weapons, five for violence.

“This type of serious assault will not be tolerated.

“The message must go out that if you behave like this the courts will treat it as a matter of public protection.”

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