Dundee Sheriff Court

Jail for gun thug who shot at love rival’s taxi

A MAN who fired a “powerful” BB pistol at a car being driven by his girlfriend’s ex has been jailed.

Darren Anderson spotted Roddy Balfour driving his taxi in Dundee’s Morgan Street before firing a string of shots from a small black pistol type gun at the car.

Firearms experts said the weapon was a BB gun – but one powerful enough to be termed a “firearm”.

Anderson later claimed Mr Balfour had invented the incident because of bad blood between the victim and his ex-partner, who was then living with Anderson.

But forensic testing of the weapon found Anderson’s DNA on both the gun and a container of ammunition used in it.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Anderson was seen in his car near Mr Balfour’s mother’s house as Mr Balfour, who was driving his taxi, drew away after visiting her.

He turned the taxi around and went back to the street where he saw Anderson running towards his taxi carrying a small black handgun.

Mr Balfour heard what sounded like three shots being fired and he drove away. As he did so Anderson ran up the street, pointing the gun directly at his taxi.

Again the cabbie heard what sounded like three shots being fired from an estimated “two to three car lengths” away from him.

Mr Balfour phoned his mother and told her to call the police and he then went back towards Morgan Street so he could follow Anderson and make sure he did not dispose of the gun before the police arrived.

He traced Anderson nearby – and the thug then pointed the gun out of the window towards Mr Balfour, although he did not fire the weapon this time.

Police found Anderson 90 minutes later but didn’t recover the gun at that time.

It was found by a member of the public two days after the offences were committed, lying on the roadway in a street near Morgan Street.

Anderson, 28, of Ann Street, Dundee, pleaded guilty on indictment that on November 19 2016, at Morgan Street, Dundee, he possessed a firearm with the intention of having Roddy Balfour believe that unlawful violence would be used against him.

He further admitted that, on the same date and at the same place and elsewhere, knowing he had been sentenced to a prison sentence on June 2 2015 before the expiration of five years from the date of his release, he possessed a pistol.

Defence solicitor Doug McConnell said: “As far as he is concerned he will do anything to avoid a custodial sentence.

“He’s ready and willing to do unpaid work.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael jailed Anderson for 14 months.

He said: “This is a serious offence involving you firing a firearm in a public place, pointing it in the direction of another member of the public.

“That kind of behaviour is simply unacceptable.

“Because of your record and the nature of this offence I regret – from your perspective – the only option is custody.”

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